Noah Clendenin

Little Dragon

This Little Dragon was four years and three months old when he started with us and is now readying to move up to the Youth Beginner class. In that time, other than planned vacations, he has missed very few classes, and has (well, almost) always been a cheerful, hard-working student. He is a quick learner and probably knows more of our Korean terminology than our red belts. We are proud to award our Little Dragon Student of the year award to Noah Clendenin.

Mason Carter


Our Youth recipient is the definition of dedication. He works hard, listens well and has the best self-discipline I have seen in a student in a long time. If he isn’t in class, I contact his mom to see what’s wrong because he never misses. When he arrives for class, he can be seen stretching, or standing still in choong be (ready stance), while others around him are raising a ruckus. He is helpful, attentive, knows how to follow directions, and I am sure he has it in him to attain black belt. We are proud to award our Youth Student of the year to Mason Carter.

Chelsey Rhea


Our adult student of the year is another totally dedicated martial artist. She well on the way to black belt and we are betting she will get there. This student comes to every class she can and still asks for more. She texts us when she can’t be there and even when she is just going to be a little late. She works hard, learns more than required, and is always willing to help with lower rank students. We are proud to award our Adult Student of the year award to Chelsea Rhea.