East TN Tang Soo Do combines the protocol and discipline of traditional martial arts with games and activities to hold a child’s interest. We keep each activity short, moving from stretching to techniques to bag work to games to forms and sparring.

Our curriculum was designed by our head instructor, Victoria Rivas, who is an experienced certified public school educator as well as a black belt in multiple styles and a mother of four. She understands how children learn and incorporates multiple learning styles into each lesson to allow children of different skill levels to succeed at their own speed.

As well as working their muscles as they stretch, kick, punch, block, yell, run and jump, students learn about the philosophy of Tang Soo Do. As early as Little Dragons, our students learn about the seven tenets of Tang Soo Do both in practice and in discussion. The tenets are: integrity, concentraton, perserverance, respect and obedience, self-control, humility and indomitable spirit.

Combined Class

We believe that allowing the Little Dragons to work with the older children helps prepare them for promotion into the regular children’s classes. On Mondays from 5:00-5:30 we have a combined activity.

Activities for this time period include Obstacle Course (seen above), Dodge the Throwing Stars (with paper origami stars, seen below), other karate games and Flag Sparring.