Free Self-defense Seminars

4th Tuesdays, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

will return in 2022 

Learn basic self-defense from East TN Tang Soo Do black belts and advanced students.

This hands on (literallly) class covers a variety of useful and powerful techniques.  It will help to raise your awareness of your surroundings as you learn new skills. It is presented in three levels:

  • Basic: vital points, releases, basic date defense and everyday items as weapons.
  • Intermediate: review of Basic, plus kicks and ground defense.
  • Advanced: review of Basic and Intermediate, plus defense against weapons.

We believe that everyone should have a basic understanding of self-defense and hope that we can, in some small way, contribute to that understanding.

We offer this class free of charge although donations to help fund improvements at East TN Tang Soo Do will be accepted. 


Give us a call for more information.