We teach Tang Soo Do, an ancient Korean Art of empty hand and foot fighting for conditioning, competition and self-defense. Tang Soo Do has been designed to develop an individual’s body, mind, and spirit. This, in turn, enhances one’s character, integrity and respect for all living things.

Whether you are interested in getting in better shape, learning to defend yourself or want to compete and become a champion, the benefits you get from martial arts are far more than just learning how to punch and kick.

Martial Arts students of all ages find that regular training creates mental, physical and emotional empowerment they never realized. We have older students and students with arthritis who say that the martial arts workouts help their flexibility and ease pain.

We offer classes for adults of all ages and skill levels. Our student creed says that “We are a black belt school.” That means that anyone who works their hardest and does their best will attain black belt.

And like the children’s class, we think that just because we teach serious martial arts doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. We experiment with new techniques and are open to suggestions from students. Fighting fans were added to our weapons curriculum at the request of a student.

We are proud of what our school has to offer; an exciting curriculum, caring and knowledgable instructors and a family-friendly environment! Come try out our classes free for a week and make sure we’re the school for you!