Our Children’s classes for ages 7-12 take a bit more serious attitude toward martial arts than we do with our Little Dragons. Children climb the same ranks as the adults and must learn all the same techniques as the adults. Students learn forms, one-steps, sparring techniques, weapons and breaking, everything needed to pass their belt exams, but they also participate in games and activities to do much of this learning. Serious martial arts doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!

Children learn the value of science, math and reading at school. Martial arts can teach your child valuable lessons as well, both physical and mental. Plus, children who come to our classes are more likely to spend less time in front of video games and tv.

Our classes are designed to help our students set healthy, appropriate, and productive goals. We encourage them to succeed in school, at home and at extracurricular activities, including of course, martial arts.

We teach the students the Five Codes and Seven Tenets of Tang Soo Do, as well as the Student Creed. (See About Tang Soo Do.)

In the Student Creed, we teach them to develop themselves in a positive manner. Our students learn to be physically fit and mentally prepared to take on challenges. Confident children learn to avoid negative peer pressure and to stand up to bullies.

Part of our student creed says “We are a black belt school.” That means that every child who works to the best of her or his ability can earn a black belt. Our students work hard and we pay attention to their abilities and push them to their limits. I encourage you to let your child try our program. You won’t be disappointed.