Martial Arts isn't only about learning the physical aspects of karate, but about the philosophy behind it, and the Korean terminology we use.

The first week of each month, we will send home the two sided Mat Chat--one side Terminology, one side Tenet or Code. Each side will have At Home Training. Students will receive one reward star for each At Home Training exercise they return to the studio.

The Terminology sheet will include a word search and other puzzles, including cross words and word scramble.

Most of the time, for the Tenet or Code, there will be three options for doing the homework.

  1. To write - an essay, a story or a poem.
  2. To draw - a picture or other craft idea suggested on the Training sheet.
  3. To do a "show and tell" - tell us about their answer and do some kind of demonstration, such as of the words in the terminology training.

I will slowly build curriculum and it will appear in the links below. It will also be revamped occasionally as I get a better handle on what needs to be learned. If you have any suggestions for the particular sections, I would love to hear them.

Click on the code or tenet to get our mat chat pdf.

Tenets and Codes