Coming to Greeneville?

When people come to visit our martial arts studio, they sometimes stay for a few days. Here are some links to “things to do in Greeneville” pages as well as my own favorites


General Morgan Inn

If you are coming and cannot afford a place to stay, we can likely bunk you with one of our studio’s families. It may be a couch or a floor, but if you don’t mind that, it would be free. Otherwise:


This photo of Farmers Daughter is courtesy of TripAdvisor

There really isn’t much in the way of chain restaurants in Greeneville. The ones that are here you can find on 11E. Here are a few that may be worth tracking down

  • The Rice Box. Above average Chinese food which is unusual for a town this small. Not top shelf, but better than anything else we’ve tried here.
  • China Chef. Average Chinese food, good sized portions. The owner’s kids used to be our students.
  • Salsas. After 15 years in TX it’s hard to please me with Mexican food but this one is one we go back to time and again. Best Mexican food in Greeneville.
  • The Sandwich House. Lunch place walking distance from the studio. Decent food at reasonable price. Only take cash/check.
  • The Farmer’s Daughter. A little further away but a unique dining experience “family style.” As it says on the website: “[E]ach table decides on two meat choices to share, and the veggies and sides, along with hot rolls and cornbread are brought to your table for all to share. If you’re still hungry, we’re happy to give you seconds, there’s plenty! But only if you’ll clean your plate. Drinks and dessert are included, but if you are too full, we’ll be happy to wrap dessert up for you.” They too, only take cash or check.
  • Full list of restaurants on Yelp. There are several I haven’t been to like Aunt Bea’s which is close to the studio and is supposed to be very good.
  • China Buffet. Typical barely average Chinese buffet but it doesn’t stop me from eating there when I’m in the mood for Chinese buffet.

Exploring Greeneville Nature

Margerette Falls

There really aren’t many “exciting” things to do in Greeneville, but it is a beautiful area and if you have time I recommend exploring it.

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