Maximus Henry

Little Dragon

The trophies took so long to get here that our Little Dragon Student of the year has now been promoted to the Youth Beginner Class. We are proud of him for moving up, but miss him in Little Dragons because he was a real class leader, calm, well behaved, followed directions and always willing to help. The 2021 Little Dragon Student of the Year is Maximus Henry.

Harrison Ayers


Our Youth winner has almost reached advanced belt while we waited on trophies. An extraordinary martial artist, it’s also been wonderful to watch him grow and mature, taking on leadership roles, and leading his first full class warm up recently. He is also one of our most active, and winning, tournament competitors. The 2021 Youth Student of the Year is Harrison Ayers.

Shannon Salend


Our Adult Student of the year might not notice the trophies are from last year. She tends to stay busy as time flies. As well holding down a job, mothering and homeschooling two kids, and a zillion other things she does, she is working on her 2nd gup red belt and is an assist instructor at our Heritage Martial Arts class. The 2021 Adult Student of the Year is Shannon Salend,