• Akai means Red.
  • Shido is from Bushido meaning warrior.
  • Ryu means way.
  • Jiu means gentle.
  • Jitsu means skill.

So Akaishido Ryu Jiu Jitsu means The Gentle Way of the Red Warrior.

Akaishido Ryu is a modern self-defense art but it also holds traditional virtues and principles. It involves hand to hand combat, hand to knife combat, and knife to knife combat. It also uses traditional weapons such as a staff, kali sticks, sai, nunchaku and of course the katana. It aims to keep the tradition of original combat alive while also living in a modern world.

Our main goal is to educate people, young and old, about how to face the dangers in our world while also giving them balance and a center through traditional methods and rituals.

Akatishido Ryu is an all-purpose and ever-evolving art but still holds true to traditional virtues and still honors the old way.

About Instructor Dakota Self

I started martial arts in 2001 under Sensei Mark Cutshaw. Under him I received my Green belt.

Then I heard that Sensei Pamela McAmis was opening a school that was not only offering Shorin Ryu but also Judo and Jiu Jitsu. I studied under Sensei Pamela for many years and all my rank in Shorin Ryu came from Sensei Pamela. I earned my 1st degree black belt in 2011 for Shorin Ryu while at the same time receiving my Purple belt for Jiu Jitsu under Sensei Randy Spann.

After a few years Sensei Pamela decided to close the dojo. Not wanting to give up and hearing about Sensei Pamela’s teacher Grandmaster Charles Allen, being in the Newport area, I searched for him to see if he would teach me Jiu Jitsu. After meeting him a few times, I was invited to come train at his house. I was gifted with the opportunity to study with Grandmaster Charles Allen one on one in a very private setting for two years before his passing in 2020. I received a 4th degree Black belt rank in Jiu Jitsu, 3rd degree Black belt in Shorin Ryu and a 3rd degree black belt in Kenpo under Grandmaster Charles Allen who taught me Jiu Jitsu and Kenpo karate.