Uniform tips and recommendations

A martial arts uniform is not a costume. Respect the uniform by not wearing it as a costume.


New belts should be washed once in cold water and hung to dry to get rid of the sizing. Belts should never be left on the ground or, in most circumstances worn outside of the studio. We made exceptions during the pandemic, for instance.

If you need assistance learning to tie the belt, just ask. We can give you a hand-out, show you, talk you through it, or help you find a YouTube video.

Uniform tops

Most uniform tops have a maker’s tag on one side at the bottom. This side should be on the outside. Cross the right side over the chest first & tie it at the side. Then cross the left side with the maker’s tag over the chest and tie at the side.

Sleeve length is no longer than the wrist and no shorter than halfway below the elbow.

The USA flag patch goes on the left shoulder. The Korean flag goes on the right shoulder, red part on top. The TSDMA organization patch goes on the left chest panel.

Students can earn the two flag patches by reciting the Student Creed to a black belt. Otherwise, flag patches are $2 each and the TSDMA patch is $5.

Colored trim should be added to a top once the student becomes a 6th gup. Green for intermediate belts, and red at 3rd gup, for advanced belts. Trims must be removed once the student becomes a Cho Dan Bo.

Uniform pants

Pants should be ankle length to a few inches above. We understand kids hit growth spurts. If the pants are too long, hem them. Just rolling them up isn’t enough, they unroll with movement. We sell them to fit in the waist, not the length.


Students wear white uniforms. Instructors / black belts wear midnight blue trimmed tops and may wear white or black pants, their choice.

Summer uniforms

During summer uniform time, usually May 1st to October 1st, ETTSD students can wear studio tees, karate tees, or solid tees to match their belts, and white shorts.


Shirts and tanks under the uniform are optional. The uniform looks more streamlined when the undershirts are tucked in.

When at a demo or a tournament, do not wear long pants or long sleeves or bright colors that can be seen under your uniform.