At-home training, part 1

Practice makes better. There are numerous things students can practice at home to improve their martial arts skills. Let’s start with some basic things.


Take something—a piece of fruit, closed water bottle, or a toy for example. Stand on one leg. Pass that item around the upraised leg as many times as possible without wiggling or placing your foot down. Work both legs.

To make it easier, focus. Find a spot on the wall that won’t move and stare at it. Do not move your eyes.

Attempt to increase your number every time you practice. Practice several times a week.

Student Creed, Tenets, Codes, & Concepts.

These can be found on the Philosophy sheet and on the website under About Us / Tang Soo Do Info / Videos, Terms, Martial Virtue (

If you need the sheet, see your instructor.

If the student can recite the entire Student Creed to Master Vic, Mr Ian, or Ms Jennifer, they will receive a set of American and Korean flag patches for their dobahk for free.


Each month, the vocabulary can be found in the newsletter and on the Mat Chat. For ETTSD students, it is also on the large white board by the water cooler.

Individual Mat Chats can be found under Parents / Mat Chat. (

Vocabulary study guides and quizzes can be found under About Us / Tang Soo Do Info / Videos, Terms, Martial Virtue (

The instructors vary individually, but they do try to use the Korean terms in class.

During the shim sa both Korean and English terms are used. At the black belt exam, it is mostly Korean terms. Learn your vocabulary words!