How Martial Arts is like a Video Game

This month isn’t quite about being a good Karate Parent, but giving some feedback from your children.

Every month we have a theme week where students can wear t-shirts related to the theme and we do activities related to the theme.

October’s theme was “Video Games” and we had a discussion about how martial arts is like a video game. I had a couple of ideas, but the kids came up with so many more, I wanted to document them.

  1. Leveling Up. In video games, when you beat a level, you level up. In martial arts when you learn all the necessary skills, you are permitted to test for a new belt.
  2. The actual belt exam is like beating the “Big Boss” and the moment that you level up. This was suggested by Liam, a 7-year-old and a great analogy!
  3. Sparring is like battles in video games, especially when we point spar and there is an actual winner and loser.
  4. On every new level, you learn new skills. In fact, we give out tip test sheets that detail the new skills for that level/rank.
  5. On some levels you get new weapons. Sticks are our beginner weapon, Bo our intermediate weapon and Sword our advanced weapon.
  6. Grinding. In a video game, in order to learn a new skill to advance, you practice the skill over and over and over. Guess what? In martial arts, in order to learn a new skill, you practice the skill over and over and over.