As KSN Victoria mentioned in the Dec newsletter, we as a studio are not big on protocol. However, not only do we need to observe them, we as instructors need to be teaching them to the students and enforcing them. I have attempted to list as many as I can remember. If you have a question on how to do (or not do) something, ask.

Studio Protocol

  • Most of us know and do this. Students and instructors need to bow when entering and leaving the dojang.
  • Bow onto and off the mat.
  • If you have a question, raise your hand and wait for the instructor to acknowledge you. Then bow before asking your question.
  • When point sparring, the head judge will instruct you through the procedure. When sparring without a judge, bow to your opponent.
  • Apprentices and Black Belts are called “sir” and “ma’am” and “Mr/Mrs”. No matter their age or relationship to you.
  • No outside shoes on the mat. (Shoes are permissible on the track.)
  • Always get permission from an instructor to enter or leave the mat during class.
  • No electronic devices during class, including the 5-minute break. Between, before, and after classes are fine.
  • When you bow, keep your eyeballs up off the floor.
  • Walk behind rows when others are lined up. This includes while lining up as well as during classes and exams.
  • Treat weapons as live weapons. They are NOT toys.
  • Respect equipment.
  • No unnecessary talking during class.
  • Get permission to use any of the weight equipment. No one under 12 on the stretching machine. No one under 16 on the weights.

Uniform Protocol

  • No wearing your belt outside the studio except for studio functions.
  • Tuck your shirt into your pants.
  • No necklaces, bracelets, watches, dangly earrings, etc. FitBit-type devices and anything for medical reasons are allowed, just be aware that they may snag or be yanked off during some exercises.
  • Bow to fix your uniform. First to the front, turn and adjust your uniform, then turn back and bow again.
  • Do not leave your belt on the floor.
  • No street clothes visible under uniform.
  • Roll or hem sleeves and pants legs.

Personal Protocol

  • Do not interrupt Black Belts. Wait patiently until they acknowledge you.
  • High rank will call “Attention on deck” for Master rank and above to bow when then enter the studio.
  • Line up with the highest rank. If they move, you move as well