Keeping Up with Mat Chats

Mat Chats are starting at the beginning again. This means it is white belt vocabulary and the first Code. An abbreviated version of the monthly Mat Chat can be seen in the right column.

Students need to learn vocabulary, codes and tenets covered in the Mat Chats. With the COVID schedule, we have been forgoing our “sit down” Mat Chat sessions, both because we shortened class time and because of social distancing. We now send them home with very little explanation, but they are still an important part of our curriculum.

Each month, we send home a two-sided sheet. On the front is a code or tenet, with a definition, examples and “At Home Training.” It is not required, but useful and I have found the results of students who do it to be interesting enough I have posted them on our FB page.

On the back side is our monthly vocabulary. It starts, as you can see to the right, with the most basic words and gets a bit more difficult each month. It includes puzzles to help children work with the words and learn them.

We do not require these either, but students gain an extra star on their Star Card for doing them. We do recommend students do them each month so they can slowly learn the vocabulary. Younger children will need help with both sides of the Mat Chat. Since we no longer allow class time for this, we request parents sit down with their martial artist and help. After Zoom schooling due to the pandemic, I hope children will be more used to working independently and start returning the completed Vocabulary puzzles and At Home Training. With your help, we can make it happen.

If you lose the Mat Chat, you can find them here.

Thank you.