Black Belt Essays Excerpts

This month’s column consists of small excerpts from the excellent black belt essays written by our newly promoted Cho Dan and Ee Dans. I hope they inspire the kids.

Emilie Foster

When things get tough like they have now, I want to prove to myself and others that I can push through.

I want new challenges to keep me going and new things to learn and practice. I want to do this with my dad, we’ve bonded over our shared love of Tang Soo Do.

I want to practice my discipline, self-control, and other tenets and codes that help me grow. I want to defend myself. I want to know I can trust my abilities if I ever find myself in danger.

I want to become stronger, faster, and smarter. I don’t want to panic in a moment like that, I want to know what to do with what I have. And most of all I want to be the best version of myself.

Graysun Ingle

Getting my black belt will further my respect. Not really to earn respect from those around me, more of a respect for myself for sticking with my Tang Soo Do studies and accomplishing this goal.

I will further my respect for others, for their opinions and feelings as well as their person. I will further my respect for my community through volunteer work and helping family and neighbors.

This has been my goal for three and a half years. I hope that gaining my black belt will be the first in many great accomplishments in my life. Tang Soo Do has been a very important part of my life and will continue to be.  I appreciate my teachers for their time, effort, and encouragement. My black belt reflects their effort as well as mine.

Keith Foster

This journey really started when I was 12 and I saw the movie “ The Karate Kid”. From that moment on I always wanted to learn a martial art.  Now 37 years later I am on the verge of completing that desire.

My children gave me the chance to realize that  dream and to spend extra time with them. …

As important as the mental growth factors are, what is more important is the time spent with my children. Emilie, my daughter, has been the greatest influence in my journey.

The time we have spent together has changed our relationship. Watching her grow both physically and mentally has been a joy…

Jennifer Grillo-Foster

When I do something, I go all in. I cannot conserve my energy to be able to last longer. I am all in or all out.

I am learning however to be the tortoise and go slow and steady when need be. Being the hare needs endurance and I am working on that.

The quarantine has made training in general and for my testing more difficult, both mentally and physically.

This time has tried to break me and it has come very close but I refuse to give up completely. I may throw in the towel daily but I pick it back up and go again. One more time again , to quote my friend and instructor Ms Victoria. Still I persevere.