At Home Training – Helping Your Child Learn at Home

Like every academic subject and every sport, you get better at martial arts if you practice outside of class.

Once a month we send home our own “academic” At Home Training as talked about in Mat Chat to the right, but there are also many small exercises your child can do to become better martial artists also. Most can even be done watching a movie or tv show.

One minute chart

When Grandmaster Sgro was here he encouraged students to make a chart and track how many days they do push ups and plank for one minute each. I think a chart is a great idea so students can see their accomplishments.
Each of the exercises I suggest could be done for as short of time as a minute. If it is done every day, it will get easier and easier and students are likely to add more time on their own.
For a start though, one minute is short enough that it won’t discourage your child even if s/he has a hard time with the exercise.

Push ups, Sit ups, Plank

These are core strengthening exercises. We will work on technique during classes as most students cannot do them properly at first, but any effort makes them stronger.

Horse Stance

Feet at least two shoulder widths apart, feet pointing straight forward, knees pressing outward. For extra challenge hold a stick as shown.


Sit on the floor and spread your legs as far apart as possible. Toes to the ceiling. Reach down to each leg and to the center, holding for at least a count of eight for each position.

Standing on one foot

(option: pass ball underneath)
Stand on one foot. If you choose to pass a ball underneath it will ensure the leg gets raised enough for a kick.

Back Stance

Stand with feet at 90° angle, heel off heel at least a foot apart. Both knees bent, front heel off floor. Weight distribution is 90% back foot, 10% front foot. Should be able to lift front foot off floor.

Jump Rope / Skip

Jumping rope and skipping is a great way for students to prepare for our higher level jump kicks.