Be Sure Your Child Has the Proper Equipment

Christmas seemed to be the appropriate time to emphasize that if one is to be successful at martial arts, having proper equipment is helps immensely.

Especially if your child attends karate tournaments, it is a necessity. We do have loaner equipment, but having gear that fits properly makes for a better competitor.

Most sports require equipment to be purchased by the parent. For example, football, baseball, soccer and hockey require uniforms and equipment. The same is true for karate.

So give your child a good dobak (karate uniform), a mouth-guard, a groin protector (for males) and sparring gear – hands, feet and head. Some students also like shin pads to buffer those shin to shin clashes that occur when sparring.

And then there are weapons. Once again, we have loaner weapons, but to learn outside the dojang, their own bo staff, nunchukas, kamas or sword is helpful.

Yes, it does cost money, but being properly equipped with items that a student owns inspires pride in themselves and helps them take their training more seriously.