Your Children May Not Be Perfect, But They Are Good Enough

Many parents watch their children in class. I encourage this, but sometimes I see frustration on faces when “their child” is not perfect, or does not perform as well as another child.

Listen to me. Your child is good enough, no matter their performance in class, especially in the first six months to a year of classes. And I ask that you give them that chance.

Children develop at their own rates. Some pick things up right away. Others have to be told hundreds of times how to do a basic stance. Sometimes these children are in the same family.

I have some experience here. I not only run a martial arts school and have seen it in my students, I raised four children in the martial arts. Two of them were “naturals.” Two of them were, well, not. Three of them earned black belts. And Ian, Will and Sarah are all still practicing and competing.

But the big issue here is how parents react to their children. Encourage them. Say how well they did. If you see improvement, tell them. If you don’t, praise them for doing the class. Criticizing them will only make them feel as though they are not good enough. And it may make them want to quit. And they are good enough!

Even in Little Dragons I see huge differences in ability and yet consistent growth. For example, some 4 year olds are able to stand still for a full minute in the first class. Others take six months before they can do it. But eventually, they ALL get there.